We’re now at a point where by most clients would like to manage their own content on their own website. Luckily we’re spoilt for choice with a wide range of open source (free!) content management systems available for us. But which is the best fit for your website? Read on to find out more.


You’ve probably heard of the these 3 content management systems I’m about to mention, these being WordPress, Drupal & Joomla!. WordPress being the biggest, has a MASSIVE marketshare of 26.1% of ALL websites on the planet. All 3 have a big usage worldwide but WordPress hands down beats them all in terms of usage.


See below our top 3 content management systems and decide yourselves which is the best fit for your goals.


WordPress was originally built to be a simple blogging platform. Over time, the WordPress eco-system had changed significantly and with the use of plugins it became much more apparent that WordPress could indeed become an excellent way to manage your content.


Having such a large audience is also one of the pitfalls of using WordPress. Since most of you will have installed quite a few themes & plugins from a variety of different sources, this also opens up security implications. Because there is so much interest in this platform, it can take only a matter of minutes for a vulnerability to one plugin to be exploited on 100’s of thousands of websites.


We typically deal with, on average, 3 cases of defaced WordPress websites a week. Almost all of the cases we have dealt with are the result of plug-ins that have not been updated and a vulnerability exploited. We always recommend the use of security plug-ins that are available and these typically include iThemes Security & Wordfence, check them out.


But, still, WordPress is great if you spend the time looking after your website. You, as a business owner, managing your own content in an easy to use, intuitive admin back-end with a ton of extended functionality is actually a lot of fun and with the use of these plug-ins you’ll have an awesome website!


Should you land here and you’ve been a victim of a WordPress vulnerability or if you’d like to have a chat with us regarding one of our SUPPORT & MAINTENANCE PACKAGES, drop us an e-mail at [email protected]


Drupal is an awesome system. It has a solid architecture and a lot of emphasis has been built around security. Drupal 8 has not long been released and this has come leaps and bounds since Drupal 7.


In our opinion, we’d say that Drupal is probably a little overkills for your standard 5 page, static website. We feel that Drupal should, and could be used to build bigger, more powerful applications. We’ve used Drupal to build a multitude of data intensive applications and we do not feel this would have worked so well with WordPress.


As an open source system, of course Drupal will still suffer from security vulnerabilities now and again and there was a particularly bad one a few months ago and within a few hours 1000’s of websites had been hacked. Still, this is very rare and it was fixed very quickly and would not hesitate in recommending Drupal,


Drupal also has a wide range of themes & plugins that you can use to change the feel of your site, add a booking system or even run an e-commerce store.


If you’re looking for any DRUPAL DEVELOPMENT, drop us an e-mail at [email protected]

October CMS

OctoberCMS is relatively new on the scene but is building quite the following! It’s built upon LARAVEL which is great because… Laravel is awesome!


OctoberCMS allows developers to build websites quicker. Being built upon Laravel allows a developer to use the power of Laravel to help build a content managed website.


Being such an extensible system means that a developer can hand craft, to specific detail your perfect website without the constraints of the average content management system. Take a look at some of the FEATURES and see for yourself why this is becoming such a popular framework.


We do a lot of work with Laravel and we also have a lot of experience building bespoke applications using OctoberCMS so if you’re looking for a quote or any advice, drop us an e-mail [email protected]