The new office!

When started, all of our team worked remotely and we had, what we like to call, a “virtual office”. This was fine for our small business and everything worked great! But lately, we have taken on a lot of new work and this has forced our hand, we’ve moved in to our new office. […]

Internaut Day
Happy Internaut day! 25 years of public Internet!

Today is Internaut day, a day of celebrating 25 years of public access to the World Wide Web. The term “Internaut” in “Internaut day” is a portmanteau of the words “Internet” and “astronaut”.   Thanks to Sir Tim Berners-Lee, we have the opportunity to celebrate Internaut day today. Sir Tim Berners-Lee is the Web Inventor […]

YouTube Material Design - new look!
A look into YouTube’s new Material Design!

If you’re not family with Google’s Material Design, I suggest you look it up! It’s a very powerful design language that is shaping the way for clear design and usability guidelines. Material is absolutely made for adaptive design and it has really picked up traction in the past year, it has a real focus for […]

We moved our blog to WordPress!

That’s right, we’ve moved our blog system over to WordPress! When we started our website redesign, we used Laravel, because Laravel is amazing and powerful. But, at that time, it was just us developers writing blog posts or we only ever anticipated that it would be us developers writing blog posts, so we designed a […]


We’re now at a point where by most clients would like to manage their own content on their own website. Luckily we’re spoilt for choice with a wide range of open source (free!) content management systems available for us. But which is the best fit for your website? Read on to find out more.   […]


So…we ran in to a small situation over the trademark of “D3T”, which we are happy to accept and move on from. No worries there. We saw this as quite a big opportunity, actually, recently the 2 letter version of our domain became available,, and those of you in the tech field will know […]